Advice from Dr. Yamada

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Below are suggestions from Dr. Yamada about some frequently asked (or unasked) questions.

Q: Are You Afraid of Going to the Dentist?

Q: Are Mercury Fillings Your Choice?

Q: What is Bruxism?

Q: What is Babby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Q: Tell me about Bleaching

Q: What is considered an excellent smile?

Q: How do you protect your child's smile?

Q: What is metal-free tooth replacement?

Q: What is "Quality Dentistry"?

Q: What does pregnancy have to do with oral health?

Q: How do you seal out tooth decay?

Q: What is digital radiography?

Q: How have things changed in dentistry?

Q: Do You Have Bad Breath?

Q: What are the signs of Periodontal Disease?

Q: What is the truth about Oral Health?

Q: Tell me about Sedation Dentistry


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