Opalescence® At Home Teeth Whitening

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100% of whitening proceeds go to the charity foundation for children, you can find out more about what they do here.


Opalescence ® is a proven teeth whitening treatment that eliminates organic stains on the teeth and significantly brightens the smile. Opalescence ® is an exceptionally quick and simple treatment. Bleaching gel is applied to the teeth for at least 45 minutes. Opalescence ® is completely safe and helps to protect dental enamel during treatment with added potassium nitrate and fluoride.

Why should I consider Opalescence ®?

Opalescence ® combines hydrogen peroxide that serves to whiten the teeth, with potassium nitrate that reduces sensitivity and strengthens enamel. This treatment can only be used on generally healthy teeth that are free from disease and decay.

There are a great many reasons why Opalescence ® is often preferred over other brands, including:

  • Minimizes tooth sensitivity

  • Promotes strong tooth enamel

  • Quick treatment times

  • Reduces risk of tooth dehydration

  • Proven results

How is the Opalescence ® at home treatment performed?

Opalescence ® whitening gel contains 20% hydrogen peroxide and potassium nitrate. The Opalescence ® whitening gel is thick, which reduces mess during application.

Here how the Opalescence ® procedure works:

  • In the office, our wonderful and gentle clinical assistants will take an impression of the teeth

  • We then will fabricate custom trays that will fit contoured to each of your teeth

  • Within less than a week, the patient will then tray a fitting with their custom trays

  • We then will give instructions on how to use the trays and how to maximize its usage and longevity 

If you have questions or concerns about Opalescence ® or any other whitening treatment, please contact your dentist.


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